About Us

LQP Asia Limited, is a subsidiary of Tech Star Communication Limited (H.K.) with headquarter in Hong Kong, and operations in China, U.S.A., Europe and throughout Asia.

LQP Asia Ltd is the owner of the LQP Brands of various mobile related products such as Flexi-Glass Screen Protector & Mobile Phone Case and provider of WatersafeTM  Service Technology Solution in this region.

Through a joint-venture partnership with Liquipel USA, a Southern California based technology company that specialized in the development of Nano-coating technology for electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, blue-tooth speakers, and headsets, makes it possible for us to provide service to safeguard devices that has been an essential tool in our business and personal lives.

With the ever increasing demand for device protection, LQP’s core mission is to discover and develop more ways to provide valuable protection products and services to our customers and focus in research and development of mobile phone related products and service.

And by committing to protecting the world that we are in, we are focused in reducing waste & carbon footprint by providing solutions on safeguarding & making electronic devices more robust, hence providing that extra mileage to users’ devices and a wider horizon for the next generation to further explores all the possibilities of creating a better place.