After significant exposure to water

We recommend the following steps to prevent permanent damage to your device, even if the device shows no initial signs of malfunction.

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Power down the device and then remove the battery, if possible. Leave the device without power for at least 5 hours.

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Do not charge the device within 24 hours. The increased power involved in charging the device may cause permanent damage if water is still inside the device.

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STEP 3  

Do not try to remove any liquid by shaking or blowing on the device. It is best to allow the liquid to evaporate and dry naturally on its own.

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Wipe the surface and the entire device with a dry, absorbent cloth. Using Q-tips or a paper towel, dab open ports on the device to remove any visible liquids.


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STEP 5  

Stand the device upright to allow excess liquids or water to drain.


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If device has a catastrophic failure after exposure to liquid, we suggest waiting at least 48 hours to allow the device to fully dry.  In most circumstances the device will recover on its own since the internal components will not corrode.