LIQUIPEL® Watersafe™

For all of us

Maybe you’re a little like us. Maybe you’ve had the untimely death of a device because of a little water. No more! Get Liquipel® Watersafe™, get wet and keep going.

Worry-free fun

It’s surprising how much more you can do with your Liquipelled device. Talking in the rain; no problem. Unexpected water gun fight; no setback. Spilled wine on your phone or dropped it in the sink; grab it, wipe it off and keep going.

Makes & models

Apple, Samsung, HTC & Motorola are just a few of the makes we cover. Can your device be made watersafe™? Contact Us

Make your device watersafe™

Liquipel® is a revolutionary process that applies a watersafe™ coating to your electronic devices to protect them in the event of accidental exposure to liquids. It is not visible to the human eye, virtually undetectable and Liquipel® will not compromise the look, feel, and performance of your electronics.

Liquipel® is a Nano-Coating that is applied though a propriety process. This process starts by placing devices into the chamber of the Liquipel® Machine. The Machine then removes all the air to create a vacuum, a special formula is then introduced as a vapor. The vapor then permeates the entire device inside and out, Liquipel® then bonds to the device on a molecular level, leaving your device watersafe™ for years to come.



Our facility in China caters to OEMs and brands looking for watersafe solutions for their products. As a watersafe technology solution provider, Liquipel’s technology is extremely versatile, adhering to a variety of electronic devices and components within diverse industries. Our business model enables unprecedented scalability to meet the demands of both small and large manufacturers. We are also able to generate custom treatment parameters to ensure optimal execution of New Product Introductions for our customers.

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